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Commercial Cabinets and Casework

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Residential Kitchen Cabinets

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We’ve been building custom structures for trade shows and office environments for 33 years.

SCS knows how to build quality, meet deadlines, and treat customers. Now that same design and build approach is available for your cabinet and casework needs. Cabinets built in Huntsville, AL.

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We are different in our approach. So simple. So beautiful. It’s a Huntsville quality cabinet.

Skill & Experience

We are carpenters, project managers, and industrial designers with 35 years of building and construction experience using state-of-the-art equipment. Smart!


We’ll sit down with you. We’ll listen to your needs. We will lay out and design your new kitchen during the first consultation meeting. Free!


Every step of our process, from design to manufacturing, is completed in our facility. Cabinets built in Huntsville, AL. Simple!


We show up with a finished framed or full access cabinet reducing the downtime and disruption. Quick!

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